Ep #1: “Two Queers Vs The World”

In this inaugural episode, Ariel and Avery discuss the show, their nerdy beginnings, booze consumption, and a common love: the tokusatsu series Kamen Rider Hibiki. Also, a Regret The Error for today’s show: During the drinking section of the show, I do in fact misidentify Scotch as the key alcohol in an Irish coffee. It is, of course, Irish whiskey. I shall make myself a proper Irish Coffee in penance.

Download Episode #1 – 1:02:32 – 52.7 MB.

Show Breakdown (Please note, here there be spoilers.)

  • 0:00:00 – Intro
  • 0:07:25 – Queers with Beers – What is it?
  • 0:13:14 – Alcohol! What we have, where we get it, US/Irish differences.
  • 0:23:31 – Tokusatsu and Kamen Rider Hibiki. What is it and why do we love it?
  • 0:50:37 – Kamen Rider Hibiki ‘s Second Half – The controversy over it, and our thoughts.
  • 0:58:35 – Outro


Musical Numbers

Comments, Questions, Crackpot Rants? Leave us a comment, or e-mail us at queerswithbeers@gmail.com



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2 responses to “Ep #1: “Two Queers Vs The World”

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  2. I think I saw you guys over both at the borderhouse and feministe and I was like I should check these guys out, and then I saw you were reviewing Kamen Rider Hibiki and I was like, “YESSSS!” <=I love Kamen Rider, I watched Den-o, Kiva and Hibiki! Plus I was looking for more podcasts.

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