Episode #2: This Podcast Glows with an Awesome Power!

So, neither of us is dead. We’ve just had to take an extended break due to work schedules. While we did have a few episodes in the can, we decided we’d just re-record them instead. Thus, here’s the long-delayed Episode 2! Show notes are below the cut.

Download Episode #2 – 0:49:08 – 44-98 MB

Show Breakdown (Please note, here there be spoilers.)

  • 0:00:00 – Intro
  • 0:01:53 – What are we drinking?
  • 0:04:45 – Queer Segment: On language, specifically “cisgender.” What is appropriate to use when and how? How to talk about language to those outside the community? Also, what role does demographics play in changing standards of language?
  • 0:28:43 – Nerdy segment: Tropes in mecha anime.
  • 0:43:53 – Outro


Musical Numbers

Comments, Questions, Crackpot Rants? Leave us a comment, or e-mail us at queerswithbeers@gmail.com.


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