About The Show

Are you queer? Are you a nerd? Do you like booze?  So do we. Queers With Beers combines the best of all three worlds, as Ariel and Avery discuss queer community issues and their nerdy loves–with the copious aid of booze. If it’s important, interesting and/or totally obscure, we’ve probably read it, watched, or drunk it. Not in that order. The full, one-hour show will be released monthly; the shorter “QWB: Happy Hour Edition,” wherein Avery explains the history behind and mixes various different nerdy cocktails, will be on a bimonthly schedule (as time allows).

Our podcast, including our theme and interstitial music, is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. For more information on the Creative Commons license, please visit the Creative Commons website. Our Intro and Outro themes are provided by the lovely French Disco-Funk group Kiff’On. For copies of both tracks, or to donate to support Kiff’On, please visit their Jamendo page. For a copy of the blog’s background, download it here.


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