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Episode #5: Ctrl+Alt+Exclude

Andromeda Shun from Saint Seiya

(So you may have noticed we went around three months without an episode. We should be back on a solid monthly schedule from now on, now that our schedules have settled down. And welcome to all the folks who saw Ariel’s profile in this month’s issue of DIVA Magazine!)

Avery and Ariel discuss trans* community, trans*misogyny, and repossessing characters as a queer reader in this four-month-late episode of QWB.

Download Episode #5 – 0:33:04 – 30.2 MB

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Episode #2: This Podcast Glows with an Awesome Power!

So, neither of us is dead. We’ve just had to take an extended break due to work schedules. While we did have a few episodes in the can, we decided we’d just re-record them instead. Thus, here’s the long-delayed Episode 2! Show notes are below the cut.

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