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Ariel wanted to write something witty here, but thought you’d like to know who she is instead. She’ll also start speaking in the first person now. Hi! I’m from Argentina, though I’ve spent the post-2000 age in Dublin, where they sadly do not have jetpacks or flying cars. I was raised by a historian, a scientist, big-city arrogance and Japanese TV shows dubbed in portuguese. I’m a feminist activist, the editor of an LGBTQ magazine, a dyke and a trans woman. I love giant robots, science fiction, comics, essay collections, zines, and dissecting (the kids call it ‘queer/ying’) everything fictional to death. If you ask me to DJ at your party, ‘Deceptacon’ will be in the playlist. I have a twatter and a blag.


A student, a geek, an activist, a born-and-raised Southerner, a big-city person by compulsion, identified as a trans man. I’m current pursuing a Master’s in American Studies in the American midwest. I’m easily amused and given to creating a great matrix of thoughts to connect all of my varied interests. Bad movies, bad fiction, badly written erotica, sequential art, and science fiction are my amusements.

So basically, I’m becoming a professional nerd. I also make cocktails in my free time and talk about the joys of mixology way too much.  (Making Cocktails: It’s like cooking without the science!) I blog at Ping Your Spaceman and can be found on twitter at adame.


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